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In honor of Veterans Day and the countless lives who have been lost or forever changed serving our country, we’re proud to feature AMVETS and the work they do every day.

Giving Back

Established in 1949, the American Veterans Department of California Service Foundation (AMVETS DCASF) is committed to serve those who served. AMVETS is a veteran’s service organization that is unique because of its open-door policy. Serving over 10,000 members statewide, eligibility for membership is not limited to combat or war veterans. All veterans (past, present, those who have been honorably discharged, in the National Guard or Reserves) can benefit from AMVETS programs and offerings.

For decades, many veterans have suffered, failing to receive the care they needed after their time in service. “Society has often suffered alongside [veterans] as they’ve occupied jail cells, street corners, unemployment lines, and drug treatment programs.”[1] When veterans have access to the benefits they are deserved, it gives back their dignity and allows them to lead productive and fulfilled lives.

AMVETS Thrift Stores offer the public household goods and clothing at a significantly discounted price while raising funds to support the men and women who have served our nation. All proceeds ensure veterans have access to AMVETS Department of California programs including:

  • Homeless Veterans Outreach
  • Woman Veterans Outreach
  • Suicide Awareness Materials
  • Sick and Hospitalized Veterans
  • Americanism
  • Scholarship programs
  • Legislative Advocacy Community Service

As we move into a new decade, post 9/11 veterans are on the cusp of becoming the largest war era population. With veterans represented from the Gulf War, Vietnam, Korean Conflict, and World War II Eras, the need for services is broad and growing. AMVETS plays a critical role ensuring veterans are cared for and equipped to support their families. 

Home Sweet Home

California is home to more veterans than any other state (8.7% of all U.S. veterans). It is also faced with high and rising rates of homelessness among those veterans (28.6% of homeless veterans reside in California). While this issue is not new to California, AMVETS is on a mission to ensure veterans haves easy access to the compensation and benefits they deserve from the VA. 

AMVETS Welcome Home Program is a pivotal service to homeless veterans as they transition off the streets and into permanent housing. By providing furniture and housewares at no cost, AMVETS helps launch veterans into their new lives without the burden of unwanted expenses. When people’s basic needs are met, they have the potential to put their energy and focus toward essential, life-sustaining efforts including mental, physical, and emotional health. 

The Welcome Home Program serves veterans throughout Los Angeles County, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego, and Fresno. Since 2012, AMVETS has delivered goods to 5,597 newly re-homed veterans.

Learn More

AMVETS is on a mission… To provide support for the AMVETS Department of California and to ensure resources are available to the men and women who have served our great nation, and to enhance the mental, physical and social well-being of all veterans in California.

Learn more about AMVETS Department of California Service Foundation (DCASF) on their website.   

Note: All statistics about veterans and homelessness provided by the California Association of the Veteran Service Agencies (CAVSA) State of the Veteran Community Report (2018). 

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